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Welcome to Kudi Ravenwood Dairy Goats

Goats that are loving and fun

We raise our Nigerian Dwarf Goats with love and care. These animals make great pets and are fantastic milk producers. We are starting a Lamancha Herd and our first Lamancha, DayLilly, is a wonderful addition to our Farm.

We also raise chickens for eggs.

Kudi Ravenwood Dairy Goats is a small goat ranch that specializes in raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats. These goats are wonderful pets and produce fantastic milk. We treat our animals like family and feed them the best food that is available. These goats act like dogs and are easily trainable to do what you want them to do.

We expanded our goat herd to include Lamancha Dairy Goats as well.

We make sure our goats are current with their vaccinations, worming, and other health related care.

The majority of our babies have been bottle fed and are quite friendly. We spend a lot of time with our animals so they are quite friendly towards people.

We buy our breeding stock from top-notch goat farms who take great pride in raising high level goats.