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Pressley and Head Caught in Feed Basket - 200 reasons why Disbudding is Critical

Thursday Evening as I was rounding up the goats for the evening, Pressley's Brother, Fidel, was circling around with his head in the basket. As I entered the pen, I saw that Pressley's chin was caught in one square of the basket and his horn caught in another square. He looked at me and asked for help. It took about 15 minutes but I managed to get his head out of the basket.

When he was a kid, I took him to the vet at 10 days old and they said that they c

All in the Family - Lucie and her girls

Saturday afternoon and the chores are finished and my run has been booked in the records. As I was sitting down holding Eva, Lucie's great-granddaugher, Lucie and her girls were sitting under the juniper bush with me. It was touching to see my Lucie, the first goat we bought, sitting with her daughters and grand daughter. They all looked contented with their full bellies, lounging around without a care in the world. Lucie is an amazing mom who produced beautiful girls who are loving